October 25, 2016

30th Anniversary Celebration

For the 30 years of serving the least privilege Filipinos, TSKI has been blessed through the years. Even after the ups and downs situations still the organization had able to continue its mission and vision.

This year the organization joyously celebrates its Pearl Anniversary with the theme “The Right Time for Everything” anchored from Ecclesiastes 3:1-15. It was a three day celebration started from September 29 to October 1, 2016. It was fun packed and everyone enjoyed from the start to the end.

Upon arrival, the staff and clients settled on their respective rooms to take a rest and prepare for the evening’s program which is the Fellowship Night. The three day celebration started from its unity walk from the Convention Center to Puka Beach. Besides the unfavorable weather condition, everybody felt excited. The unity walk was participated by the Chairman of the Board, Board of Trustees, Division Heads, Department Heads, Regional Managers, Area Managers, Branch Managers and staff coming from the Head Office and different Branches. Awardee Clients like Best Center leaders from each branches and the GAWAD Kauswagan Awardees also joined the unity walk.

The program started at 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon. All staffs and clients wore their most beautiful Hawaiian costume. To officially open the program praise and worships were headed by the TSKI praise and worship team. TSKI Executive Director Mr. Angelo B. Solarte warmly welcomes the staffs, clients and guests present in the event. After the sumptuous dinner TSKI dance crew opened the Mob Dance competitions which participated by 17 areas. Judges and audience were amazed by the stunning performances showcased by each of the competing groups. Everybody also enjoyed jamming to the battle of the bands performed by each area. It was indeed a night full of enthusiasm and memories which will be cherished by everyone present inthe event. It was a victory for Area 5 and Area 3B as they were announced as champions for the Battle of the Band and Mob Dance competitions.

God truly cares to all TSKINIANS, even if there was an incoming storm, the weather favoured the celebration of TSKI’s Pearl Anniversary as it provided a pleasant weather all throughout the 3-day event. The program ended by praising and honoring all success to the almighty God and asking for his continues grace and guidance for the next 2 days celebration.

The activities on the 2nd day started with a blast of worshiping the Lord, acknowledging His generosity and providential love for thirty years of guiding and helping the organization. The voices of supplication and worship songs echoed and filled up every corner of the Convention Center, which brought everyone to enjoy and participate actively in the praising activity. After the praise and worship activity, comes the program and plenary of the day. The program proper started with the marching to introduce all the Area Managers and followed by the Department Heads of the HO and lastly, by the Board of Trustees. Then, the TSKI Dance Crew gave the audiences their magnificent performance in their intermission number portraying God’s love and mercy to His people. To give all the staff the background of the glorious and victorious journey of TSKI for thirty years, Mr. Angel De Leon was the one to deliver the opening speech. After Sir De Leon’s inspiring message, he was seconded by his Executive Director, Mr. Angelo Solarte, by giving his own testimonies of witnessing God’s goodness throughout the ups and downs of the organization, which eventually ended up victorious for thirty years. Sir Angel and Sir Boy’s messages were anchored in the goodness of the Almighty whom never left us in our darkest moments and rejoices with us in our victorious battle. The program became even more delightful to everybody because of the significant and meaningful message given by the invited speaker, Arun Gogna. In his talk, he emphasized three vital things on how to conquer and win over the giants (struggles) in our lives. The three techniques he shared were: 1. One must change his/her way of thinking about things – don’t think that you can’t do it; of course, you can! Be positive; 2. One must use the right tool – make good use of your talent/s. Use them to develop your self and in fulfilling your dreams in life; 3. One must choose the right people he/she is going to be with – teamwork is a great factor in bringing victory into reality.

After the meaningful session with the invited speaker, some of the partner organizations of TSKI (Unilever, Primecare, Land Bank, OK Bank, Tinukib and many more) were given the time to speak before the crowd to introduce their respective organizations, programs and products which also concluded the activities during the day. At daylight’s end, comes in the glamorous evening with everybody in their elegant and beautiful suits and long gowns. Aside from the busy picture takings and joyful socializations, the evening became more meaningful because of the presence of our dearest clients, which infact the evening is offered to them to acknowledge that their own success brought also the success of the organization – they are the success of TSKI! After the bountiful dinner, everybody went back immediately to their respective seats because of the excitements brought by the “Super Nanay”. It is a beauty pageant joined by the eight chosen clients (two clients per region) who will represent their regions for culture, beauty and talent. The competition ran so smoothly and brought along so many enjoyable moments and inspirations shared by the contestants. It ended up with the contestants from Region 3 (Mindanao) as the 2nd runner up, from Region 1 (Visayas) as the 1st runner up and the contestant from Region 4 (Luzon) was crowned as the Super Nanay 2016. As part of thanksgiving to the clients, the organization has selected thirty clients from over the country for the Gawad Kauswagan Awards. An award given to the clients for their good performances and being exemplary of success. The night was also meant for the acknowledgement of the length of good services of some employees and as well as special awards for those who have showcased good performances in all the aspects of their field of work. And the night became even more exciting when the final names are being called for the winners of the 30 Bonanza Raffle Draw. Some rejoiced because their names or the names of their clients were called as winners.

As we conducted series of activities during the first two days of our Anniversary, we didn’t forget to thank the Lord, who is the source of all strength for the graces and blessings bestowed upon us and the organization. We attended the holy mass which was celebrated by Most Rev. Jose Corazon T. Tala-oc, D.D (Bishop of Kalibo) and Rev. Fr. Tudds Belandres (Parish Priest, Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, Boracay) on Oct. 1, 2016 held at the Boracay Ecovillage Convention Center. The mass started at 6:00 am. We really felt the presence of God and his beautiful works during the 3-day Anniversary Celebration and with this; we bring back all the honor and glory to him.

After the mass we had our breakfast at 7:00 am. The Sports Fest was participated by the selected players from the 4 regions and the Head Office. The event started with the opening parade of the players followed by a prayer led by Mr. Ebenezer Delariman. The lighting of the torch and the Oath of Sportsmanship was led by Mr. Emman Gallego. The rules of the games were read by Mr. Ritzie Mar Apaitan. And for the official start of the Sports Fest, the Ceremonial Toss was led by our Chairman of the Board, Mr. Angel de Leon Jr. and Mr. Ritzie Mar Apaitan, Director for Operations.

The first game was basketball between Region 3 and Region 1. Both teams strived to win the game but the Region 1 won the fight. Simultaneously, the game for basketball between Region 2 and Head Office and the volleyball game between Region 2 and Head Office happened. The winner for the basketball game was the Head Office and the winner for the volleyball game was the Region 2. After the basketball game between Region 2 and the Head Office was the basketball game between the Region 1 and Region 4 with Region 1 as the winner and will proceed to the championship game with the Head Office. The next game after the volleyball between Region 2 and Head Office was the game between Region 3 and the Region 1 with Region 3 as the winner. The teams showed their efforts and skills during the play. The energy of the crowd was also felt through cheers and yells. Everyone watched the championship match between Region 2 and Region 3 for volleyball. The crowd showed their support for their teams and the teams as well played the game bravely. Region 3 was hailed as the champion for this game. After the tiring games, we ate our lunch and prepared ourselves for the afternoon activity. Everyone was excited for the championship game between Region 1 and Head Office for basketball. Both teams made a good match. The crowd was full of energy and support. Both teams enjoyed the game but the Head Office defeated the Region 1.

The event was closed through the awarding of the winners for their skills, efforts and sacrifices. Atty. Pablo Nava III, together with Mrs. Gilda Nava assisted by Engr. Reynaldo Ambao awarded the medals, certificates and trophies to the winners. The major and minor awards for both games were announced. The runners-up for volleyball were Region 1 and Head Office. The 2nd runner-up was Region 4 while the 1st runner-up was Region 2. The Region 3 was announced as the champion. For the basketball game, the runners-up were Region 2 and Region 3. The 2nd runner-up was Region 4. Region 1 was the 1st runner-up and the champion was the Head Office. The basketball game’s Most Valuable Player was Maglangit from Head Office. For the cheers and yells, the Head Office was the 2nd runner-up, Region 4 was the 1st runner-up and the champion was the Region 1. Everyone showed their sportsmanship during the play. All have enjoyed the games and the event was a success.

TSKI 30th Anniversary is a reminder to us through the year’s anniversary theme, “The right time for everything. – Ecc 3:1-15.” There’s always a right time for everything. Let us not lose our hope at some point of time when we are being tested by our struggles and difficulties. We’ll never know by then that it is actually God’s way of preparing us to become more mature and good persons. So that when a stronger giant (struggles) strikes us, we can never be easily trembled and stumbled down, but will have already the knowledge and courage to conquer it and claim our victory over it!

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