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"The Delia Orgello Story"

Client Name: Delia Orgello     Address: Maomawan, Bien Unido, Bohol

Transforming one’s life is one of the big challenges any organization could do but the rewards are fulfilling.

“TSKI played a big role in the transformation of my life, not only financially but also the spiritual aspect of my life,” said crab peddler Delia Orgello of Maomawan, Bien Unido, Bohol.

Before she knew about TSKI, Delia lives with her life partner and their adopted daughter. She knew some ideas on fishing from her parents. Their island is blessed with abundant marine resources that she had seen the success in this industry. Only then that she decided that she wanted to put up her own business to cope up with their expenses.

In 2005, Delia joined TSKI and was able to loan a suitable amount in purchasing more crab nets. With her partner’s aide they were able to establish their small business.

In the following years, Delia was able to borrow again some loans and was able to expand on new business ventures. She went into other business which is crab stock holding, where in she buys and sells them to big time buyers.

Since their barangay was what one would call an impoverish coastal area, their center suffered serious problems with their members. But as a loyal and determined member, she did her share in resolving the issue and later on was voted as the center chief until now.

Delia believed that because of her hard work, she was able to give quality life and service to her fellow members.

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