Abdulia Libarra

“Sailing the Waves of Life”

“Don’t quit kasi ganyan ang buhay sa mundo kailangang lumaban sa tulong ng panginoon,” hugot, from Abdulia Libarra, 58 years old of Brgy. Port Barton, San Vicente, Palawan. After 15 years of marriage, Abdulia and her husband separated leaving her the sole responsibility of bringing up their only son Jay Lowell. Despite the hardships, Abdulia managed to stand strong. She worked as tutor and landscaping artist in Angela’s Pool, a resort in Puerto Princesa to sustain the needs of her only son. In 1991 she went home to Port Barton and put up a sari-sari store. Product of a broken home, Abdulia believes that her son needs more of her attention and guidance. For lack of resources, Abdulia was not able to finish her Civil Engineering course and so wanted her son to earn a college degree. She is indeed blessed because despite challenges, her only son was able to finish his Criminology course after so many attempts of course shifting. With strong determination and faith in God Abdulia dreams of having a happy family with food on the table and needs being provided. In 2007, she did not hesitate to join when TSKI entered their place. She used the money as additional capital for her variety store and used clothing “ukay-ukay” business. Owing to her leadership skills, she was chosen Center Leader by her co - members. Port Barton is a tourist destination area in San Vicente, Palawan. In 2009 Abdulia and her son decided to invest in a boat for tourists’ island hopping. They established the “Manunggol Booking Office”, to engage ahead of time schedule for island hopping. Manunggol is a big rock, part of the coral reef. Their boat was named Uno, the nickname of her grandson. After making a few island trips, “Survivor Philippines” a reality TV show rented their boat. Unfortunately it capsized during its trip to the island where the shooting was done. Still they were very blessed because everybody was saved. It was extremely hard for Abdulia and her son to re-float and repair the capsized boat. Abdulia is very thankful because TSKI provided them with a loan to defray the expenses of rebuilding their boat. Later she transferred to the OKEY Loan program for bigger availment. At first they planned to sell the boat but later changed their mind. They added another unit instead and named it Dos, nickname of the 2nd grandchild. They continued to operate a booking office for island hopping which is a great help in engaging customers for the pump boats. With their earnings they were able to purchase a piece of land which they planted with rubber trees. For Abdulia, waking up at 4 in the morning to open the store and sacrifices to run the booking outlet have its rewards. “Malaking tulong talaga ang TSKI in times nanagigipit ka may dagdag capital.” Currently she has a 20 thousand savings with TSKI with her son and daughter- in- law as business partners. She is very active in their barangay. She lives by the adage “Life is so short, gamitin natin ito sa mga bagay na kapaki –pakinabang”.

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