Elvie Mabanding

“The Gift of Hardwork and Kindness”

“Hard work and determination are my partners in achieving success in business which I would like also to pass on to my children. This is the philosophy in life of Elvie Mabanding, a client from CDO Branch. She is a married woman with 3 children. To provide for the daily needs of their family, she and her husband decided to become sidewalk vendors, selling fish and vegetables. After a short period of time when they already had savings, they decided to transfer to the municipal market. Elvie and her husband were not able to finish their studies. That is why they are trying their very best to have a good business so that they can see their children through school for them to have a better life someday. People admire them because of their generosity and good relations with their fellow vendors. Their goodness was rewarded when one day a Chinese man invited them to have a small canteen inside his factory. They were asked to cook food for the workers and employees. They were also allowed to sell other products to the employees. The management of the factory liked the food and services that they were rendering to all the workers and employees. Because of this their blessing was doubled. The manager told them that they don’t have to pay the rent and the consumption of water and electricity. Their business earned for them enough money for a venture in another business of buying and selling copra. Unfortunately, last 2011 when typhoon Sendong hit the country and devastated their area, part of their business were lost. Their house was totally destroyed by the flood brought by the said typhoon. The investment in copra failed because of the destructive typhoon. They are very thankful to TSKI because the organization at that time allowed them to borrow money to save their business. Months after the tragedy, they were able to recover their lost capital because the factory allowed them to continue their business thereat. The loving kindness that they are experiencing from God leads them to also become a blessing to other. The goodness that they see from the organization inspires them to be of great service to others even just in their own simple way a small entrepreneur and to be honest to their customers all the time. With the good experience of partnership with TSKI, Elvie hopes to continue her membership in the organization until her youngest son finishes his college studies and eventually land a good job. Surely Elvie’s dream will come to reality by the help of the organization.

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