Erlinda Egina

“A woman of strength and dignity"

“As sure as God puts His children in the furnace of affliction, He will be with them in it.” This best describes the life of Erlinda Egina, TSKI client of Carcar branch. Erlinda was not able to finish high school because of poverty. Her father is a fisherman and her mother is a “hilot”. At an early age, she experienced how hard life is. They could hardly have 3 meals a day. They used to go to school without an allowance. They could not even buy their uniform and school supplies. There was not enough time to study because they were required by their parents to help earn for their daily needs. She got married with the thought that she could escape the family’s poverty. However, she married a man full of vices, lazy with no plans and goals in life. So, she decided to separate from him and go back to Carcar with her two children. She had a hard time at first, being a single parent providing for her two children. Subsequently, she joined TSKI in 2004 and borrowed three thousand (P3,000.00) pesos for her business of fish vending because she got a stall in the market. However, she developed a myoma and she needed to undergo an operation. It was one of the biggest struggles in her life. She could no longer work well and it was hard for her to regain her capital. She struggle more to provide for her children. Fortunately, the teacher of her older child helped her by hiring her to be the tutor of her daughter. Then, another help came from a friend who supplies Carcar chicharon. This paved the way to her business success. She became the supplier of Carcar chicharon at Mactan airport although another friend of her tried to steal from her the Mactan airport market. God did not allow that to happen. One of the business owners in the Mactan airport wanted to make sure that it was Erlinda’s products being supplied to the stalls there. From then on, Erlinda has been the one providing delicious and crunchy chicharon in all pasalubong outlets at the airport. She also has put up a sarisari store extending credit to those who are financially-challenged. She also provides jobs for those in need. Most of all, she is able to help her brother who is suffering from cancer. Moreover, she also supports the wife and six children of another brother who is in prison. She has also gained the respect and admiration of her husband that even if he was not around, she was able to go on and triumph in life. She has already forgiven him, harboring no grudges against him. Indeed, Erlinda is not only an epitome of a strong woman but a woman of dignity.

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