Esterlita Evardo

“Ripples of Blessings"

“Life is a blessing and we should always be a blessing to each other.” This is the motto of Ms. Esterlita Evardo, 57 years old, TSKI client of Palompon Branch. She was only in third year high school when she was impregnated by the son of the mayor. However, she broke up with him because of his many vices and did not have a good plan for her and their child. Now, she is married to a fisherman of noble character and they have six children. However, they have always been financially challenged and it breaks her heart to see her children struggling. Although lacking in capital and lacks experience she ventured in business to help her husband. She joined TSKI and TSKI helped her improve her business. She started operating a fishing boat in 1995 and a passenger boat in 1998. Blessings started to pour in, enabling her to put up a Sari-sari store in 2004. With these, she was able to support the studies of her children and provide their needs. She was able to have enough savings to build their new house. Furthermore, she was able to put up new businesses geared towards her children’s future. Esterlita Evardo is not only a blessing to her family but also to their community as she happily provides job opportunities to her neighbor thereby helping their respective families. Indeed, Esterlita’s life is a blessing and like water running over, it continues to overflow and create ripples of bountiful blessings.

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